Backyard Politics and Big Birthdays


Members of HOPE Investment Club gather to celebrate the half century mark for Andru Prescod. All members remained appropriately spaced around the crackling fire. We were productive in fellowship and our esteemed Social Chair arranged the event and brought letters for us to write to encourage voters in the upcoming election. Finally, the food provided by Andru’s family was amazing and the alcohol selection was unbelievable as well.
A great time was had by all and this is now going to be an annual event.











Investment Meetings During COVID 2020

As we hunker down, let’s tighten the bond. There’s a long haul ahead and I’m glad to count you all as Brothers in these uncharted waters! (Aaron Stallworth 2020)











Andru’s Birthday / Restaurant Party

HOPE member Andru Prescod hosted the group and wives at his new restaurant Cane. The food was amazing and the drinks were smooth.











2019 Annual Boat Cruise Weekend

HOPE member Marcellous Butler hosted the club at his marina in Annapolis. We had an amazing boat ride followed by a great dinner at a local restaurant. Looking forward to making this an annual trip.