Our Story

We started out as a socially networked association of African American professionals who knew each other through various connections both personal and professional.

In 2012 (or so) we were gathered around the kitchen table at one of our wives’ birthday party and the spark was lit, we got tired of talking about all the issues in our community and decided to do something about it. We knew we had a few resources at our disposal – good jobs, some amount of wealth, and some investment experience so we concluded that we should form a group and that group could have three missions (1) Investing with each other in various investment opportunities, (2) philanthropic support of the community and each other’s charitable passions and (3) social and professional connections amongst the members themselves. The concept mirrors groups that exist in other communities Hispanic and Jewish but not in our own for obvious historical reasons. 

These groups are often the first source of funding for new businesses, the guiding counsel for each other’s families, access to job opportunities and new business deals, and general positive support for the men that are their members. I am proud to say that we successfully executed on all those functions and more… We started by putting $5000 each into a joint trading account in the stock market and invested in stocks together for a while. We have since dissolved that fund and now we are an angel investor group – investment ideas are presented to the group and individually we can choose to participate or not. We started out as 7 original members and now we have 15 members.